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Another Kinetic Books ???

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Angie in Texas, or whoever is familiar with KB,


My dd is using Saxon 8/7 w/pre-algebra (3rd ed.). She is only about on lesson 73 so far this year. I am contemplating moving her mid-year to Kinetic Books pre-algebra and quitting Saxon. Would this be doable? Do you think she would be up to par in what she knows to be able to begin Kinetic books Pre-Algebra or do you think there would be too many gaps? Should I just finish out this year in Saxon and move her to KB next year? If so, what would you recommend coming from Saxon 8/7, KB pre-algebra first or for her to go directly into KB Algebra? Thanks!

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I have never used Saxon (although I have looked at it and cried). I also have never used KB pre-algebra. My youngest won't touch a math program that's on the computer and the pre-algebra level came out after my two older girls were past that level.


I would think that you should be able to move right into KB prealgebra. Prealgebra is a review of fractions, decimals, and percents and then moves on into early algebra. That's what Saxon 87 is supposed to do as well, so I don't see any problems with stopping partway through Saxon 87 and switching to KB.

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