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Anyone use "How to Teach Spelling?"


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I am currently using AAS and have tweaked it alot to fit our needs. My dd has totally rejected the tiles(which is ok with me) and I have created a sheet that she uses to write her spelling words on. I don't even use the cards at all. I am about to complete Level 1 and was looking at How to Teach Spelling since it is cheaper. Why buy a program to shelve half of it? Is HTTS similar? Basicly what I do now is go over the rule and practice it a bit then call out each spelling word to her...if she spells it correctly then I have her write it on our homemade sheet. We only work on the words that she misses then move on to the phrases. I like a program that has a rule to work on and a list of words that use that rule. I chose a OG based spelling because my dd sometimes hits a word that she "has to know" why it is spelled that way. I tried SWR with her and that ended in tears everyday. I think marking words was just overkill and it was starting to kill our love of homeschooling.


Any suggestions?



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I use How To Spell/HTTS with my older boys. (I think we started in 3rd grade)

We basically do the next thing in the workbook, and I find the corresponding page in the TM. The workbook starts with all the sounds, then syllables, then moves on to spelling rules. The rules are written to the student in the workbook, with a space for the student to copy the rule, and then words to practice. The TM includes words, phrases, and sentences for dictation that cover all the grade levels (a feature I really like...I can choose words that challenge my dc's use of the rule). There are some sight word pages. We don't spend a lot of time on spelling, maybe 10 minutes a session.

If you have any specific questions about the books I can try to answer.

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Are the Teacher Keys necessary? I was thinking of just picking up the TM and workbook.


We really haven't done anything formal in terms of spelling with 7yo dd. So I was thinking of just grabbing the How to Spell bk 2 for her. Does it provide some review or should I get bk1 and work her up? She's not a great speller and I don't believe she's a natural speller, though I'm not sure.

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