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Proper typing positioning

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I just started my ds on a typing program today. I noticed that he was typing 'c' with the index finger instead of the middle, as I was taught. Is this the new norm, or was I taught wrong? I really like the layout of the typing course (Read, Write and Type) and how slow and gentle it teaches, as my ds is young, just shy of 7. It also has the student type by dictation, which I quite like. Hubby says ditch it though, if it's teaching improper positioning, as bad typing habits can be hard to break. Thoughts?

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Does the typing program instruct him to type C with his index finger?


Fwiw, while I was taught to type the C with my middle finger, I always used index finger. It always seemed natural to me, and it's never caused any problems. I took typing for four years during junior and high school. I have always had office-type jobs. I type constantly still and (since I've been doing it for 35 years!), I don't give it a second thought. For all other letters, I use the usual fingers.

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