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Remedial spelling for a college student

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My niece is a Junior in college, she is VERY smart and she loves to read but she CANNOT spell.:001_huh: My sister (ironically, a reading specialist) says she doesn't know how DN learned to read, she just taught herself, so my theory is that she is lacking the phonics skills.


She is doing an internship this semester in D.C. for a senator and last week she got 'called-out' about her spelling :blink:. Obviously, she was mortified.


I was thinking maybe there was something she could work through on her own to help improve her spelling. My only idea was Phonics Pathways.


Any thoughts?

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Apples and Pears spelling is very good and super easy to use to teach spelling. http://www.prometheantrust.org/soundfoundationsbooks.htm You can see the entire program on line. It might be too easy for her depending on how well she can spell but there are 4 levels.


If she could get a friend or any person that can read at a 4th grade level or above, they could help her out with it as you don't really "teach" it as in needing a teacher, but rather the directions and activities are so systematic that you learn the spelling. She could likely do several levels a day until she got stuck and then slow down.


If they have any questions, have them email Hilsie there as she wrote the program and could help them out. I have met her several times and she is very helpful.

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AVKO has a program for adults. I thought it was a great program--doesn't seem 'kiddish' but still builds the necessary skills. Plus, you can't beat the price. She'll just need someone to read the words to her. Highly, highly recommend it.

350_small.jpgSequential Spelling for Adults 1 & 2 adobe_pdf_logo_small.PNGDownload the PDF Sample













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This one is cheap, and a bottom rung co-worker, bright but had babies young and was a busy single mother, decided to go back to school. She needed everything remedial, and she liked this book. As I said, she was brighter than average, but went to a lousy high school, and spent her whole time there chasing boys. It was nifty to see her start climbing out of the employment pit in her 30s.



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