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fostering assertiveness.

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My second dd is a sweetie. She is very easy to get along with and is very compliant. She's not a complainer (much); In a way she is a very easy child (completely the opposite of her older sister)


However, I am concerned that she is TOO easy going. I want her to be able to make a stand for what is right even if others are not doing right. I want her to have relationships where she is heard, not run over by the desires of others and to be able to get out of those relationships if they go bad.


So how do I foster that assertiveness, but not turn her into a self centered jerk?

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I would practice roll playing those types of situations. Or read a scenerio or dilemma (maybe a news story) and then ask her to state her opinion. If she gets used to forming an opinion and stating it to her mom, then the next step would be challenging her opinion with a question or two and get her used to that. Then the next step would be speaking up in other situations with other people.


I think there used to be board game like this called something like "Moral Dilemma". My DH told me once that his dysfunctional family played it once and it was so disastrous, that they never played it again.

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