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How much and where to replace electronic car key?

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We bought a replacement off of Ebay for about $5 for our Buick and had a friend who works for a Buick dealership reprogram it for us.


You'd have to know someone who can do it. We got lucky.


ETA: I read your post too fast. Ours was just the remote that unlocks the door, not the key. I'm sorry about that!

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Dh lost his keys and had to get two keys w/ electronics replaced. $$$$$$


He opted to get the one to my car without remote door unlocks, since he rarely drives it. It was still expensive, since it has anti -theft electronic stuff. But it wasn't as much as his, which he had replaced like the original.


His theory is that they have you over a barrel. You HAVE to get them replaced and they HAVE to be reprogrammed.

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