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My 16 yo just scored some brownie points

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My MIL loved to tell the story of my DH bringing her a bouquet of flowers around age 8 or 9 and saying, "my heart's waiting for you, mama." And my kids and I loved hearing it. You may be telling this story for a long time to come, so he had better get used to hearing it!


LauraD in MN

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That IS so sweet! My 16yo ds has never brought in some flowers after mowing the lawn! BUT, he was in a group of his friends once, and saw me coming. He said, "Here comes my mom, I'll probably need to go." Then he smiled and said, "Mom, I told them how you did ________ ( I don't want to be the one that tells you all what he was talking about ! :lol: ) Can you show these guys? So I did. Then he said, "Isn't that cool? My mom's the best!" It surprised me---he was proud of me, and he's a teenager!!!


Anyway, I am so glad your son loves you enough to think of you, and follow through on it by bringing you flowers! That's a very precious memory. You need to SCRAPBOOK IT!!! :D And save the flowers!

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