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For those of you who actually TEACH TOG high school

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Can you tell me what it looks like? Sort of.....exactly? :tongue_smilie:


Right now, my Dialectic dd does her work mostly independently. I don't think I want to follow our current format into high school & rhetoric level - I'd like to teach TOG but I guess I don't really know how (lame, I know). Here's what it looks like:


Weekend: reads history core & in-depth, and fills in what she can of her AQ's.


Monday: we go over the intro together, and take a look at the SAPs and any writing assignments she'll have. She completes mapwork independently. For homework she begins literature or church history reading.


Tuesday: She fills in her timeline, watches a TLC class (if applicable to the week's topic), works on her writing assignment. Homework: continued reading of lit or church history


Wednesday: Finishes lit reading & completes lit worksheet; works on writing and begins a project (display board, etc).


Thursday: Discussion day. We discuss, which means I follow the discussion format given in the Teacher Notes, lecture from the teacher notes, and she fills in any blanks of her AQ/TQ she doesn't know. She finishes church history reading & works on project.


Friday: AQ due; evaluation due; writing due; project due.


She is not having problems getting everything done, and she's not complaining about me not teaching her. But I feel disconnected; I'm very interested when some of you (JANICE) talk of "teaching" TOG.


How does this look? What, exactly, do you do?

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It's pretty independent around our house, too. I decide in the summer what books we are going to read and order them. I use HST to write up the assigned reading each week. They grab the list on Monday morning and other than the inevitable "Mom, have you seen the book on...." I don't hear from them much.


I tried doing all of the discussion on Friday and it was TOO much!!!


When we have used the discussions fruitfully, it worked best to have them read government on Monday, discuss it on Tuesday, do the Philosophy stuff on Wed or Thurs, and then discuss history/lit on Friday afternoon or even Saturday.


But, no, I don't "teach" them R level TOG stuff. Of course, that means I have more time to teach math and composition to them (they are overjoyed---NOT).

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Thanks, Pam. I appreciate your input. I believe TOG is meant to be done mostly independently (based on Loom readings about R Level doing their own scheduling, and the fact of the Teacher's Notes themselves), but I thought I remembered a few people actually teaching history using it, and I can't see how that would happen. Perhaps they just elaborate on the information found in the TN?


I like the idea of breaking up the discussions over a few days.

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