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Dr. Hive, my skull hurts

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You know on the lower sides on the back of your head where you can feel your skull more pronounced - on each side of your spine? Well it feels like I have a bruise on the right side bump, although I haven't hit my head on anything. It will sometimes hurt for a couple days, and then not. And then it will hurt again for a few days. I don't feel any pain anywhere unless I press on it.


Do I need to panic or is it just a symptom of being over 40?

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I don't know, but my mom recently had to have a series of shots for these--occipitals.


Mine hurt like I've been in a car wreck all the time, so rather than panic, I think you're lucky! :D


At least you have a word to google now, though, if you're up late & need something to worry about. ;)


(Maybe somebody else can be more helpful...)

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