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My family amazes me. They are always managing to surprise me.

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My dd & family showed up for a surprise visit this week. Everyone in the family knew and managed to keep it a secret. There is a lot of them (5 kids, 2 SILs, My hubby and my brother) and they are always managing to pull off things like this. My hubby asked me if I had any hint that they were going to do this and I said, "No, how would I?" Although, now that I look back on it, I haven't talked to any of them in two days and that is unusual. I normally get several calls a day.


Anyhow, oldest dd walked in the door. I was in the kitchen with the light on and she comes in the foyer where the light was out. I heard the door open and looked over and thought it was my 14 yr. old. She had been outside just a few minutes earlier and she had come in so I thought that maybe she had went back out. So I said, "When did you go back out?" She didn't say anything and then I noticed my SIL come in behind her. I couldn't make him out but he is the only person I know who is 6'5 and then I saw gs. I yelled, "Oh my goodness! What are you guys doing here?" I was totally shocked. What a wonderful surprise. My SIL had a few days off so they came down to help me work on some projects around the house. What SIL spend his vacation at his MIL's house working? Aren't my kids wonderful!


So anyhow, won't be on much the next few days as I will be working on projects and visiting. :)

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That's great!! My mum loves it on the very rare occasion we do that to her! One time I arranged it with my dad, and for ease of travelling we left home in the evening and arrived at 1:30am. (I have keys to their house.). My mum had no idea we were there until the morning, when she was woken at 7am by my dc! She's an early riser anyway, so that's no problem. She was delighted! I think it was around her birthday, or something.

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