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??Story Elements Cards??


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I just got these cards with my Kindergartners school materials. I'm pretty surprised that they are included in a K curriculum, but I know that some PS kids are asked questions like this about their stories. I've decided to use them with my 1st grader only. Some of the questions seem to lend naturally to the curiosity of a typical 5/6 year old while others are a bit confusing.


"Who are the main characters?" seems easy enough to explain... once you can convince the child that "Yes, animals can be considered characters.


However, I have been a bit stumped with the following:

  • Make a text-to self connection
  • Make a text-to-text connection
  • Make a text-to-world connection



Since no examples are given I really don't know how I can use these three cards. I know that the text-to-self connection has been discussed here before, but darned if I can find it. ha.


We've probably done these countless times before and just not known it. Or maybe not. But if anyone could give me some examples of these... using common picture book stories I would be grateful.


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