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TOG ~ Dialectic for 5th grader

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Is it possible for a 5th grader to complete the dialectic track with TOG? We are switching to TOG from SL for the upcoming school year. Currently my 4th grader is reading the Core 3 Advanced readers and doing narrations/comprehension questions with ease. Would pushing her to the dialectic track be expecting too much?



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What year plan are you going to use? I also jumped from SL to TOG. My two boys did my own version of Core 3 and core 4 in one year when they were in 3rd and 5th grade. We then did Core 5 when they were in 4th/6th. I then jumped to TOG year one for them when they were in 5th/7th. I basically did the dialectic level with both of them. I already owned a few of the upper grammar books and so my 5th grader read them as well. He has always been a voracious reader. I find books in every bathroom, on every couch, on every table, by the computer if he's watching his brother. Anyway, the reading was not a problem.. Answering the dialectic questions was. That year I did not require him to answer them. That said, he was able to participate in the discussions quite well. In 6th, he did answer the questions for dialectic level. Well, you know, I think I transitioned him in 5th grade. Like 1st quarter he just read and participated in discussion, 2nd unit he answered a couple of questions I picked out, 3rd quarter a few more, etc.


If he is doing year 3, then definitely and he may have already read them after doing SL. I had to move him up to rhetoric for part of it because he had read a lot of the books.



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Thanks for the response! She is currently only reading the Core 3 advanced readers(long story), and we are not doing the history portion. I was thinking of using Yr. 2 and starting there since that is where we kind of left off so to speak with history. Yes, she is a voracious reader too...so maybe I will have her not start answering the questions until the latter part of the year.


Another question...with SL there are specific readers the child reads and then the history readers and read alouds. With TOG where is the "reader" for the kids listed, the literature selection? Just a bit confused about that looking at the schedule.

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