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Letter reversal, writing, etc

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Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but here it goes. My son is almost 6. We have had problems with his behavior, attention, and focus that lead us to Feingold program. We have seen success with this. Since starting that, his reading has improved. He is on book 10 of the first set of Bob books. He does some things that I'm not sure are due to age, being very right brained (as is my husband), or ADHD tendencies. (I like to think of him more as a dreamer.)


1. letter reversal b/d/p/q, m/w, 6/9

2. skipping small words or adding them in (He is reading with the help of the pictures. He has a great appetite for stories and likes to add to the short sentences in his Bob books.)

3. writing from the bottom up or backward

4. not remembering more than one direction or instruction

5. not responding to people who are talking to him (If you give him several minutes, he will either answer or act on what you said, so I know he hears. It's like he answers in his head.)


I see that these things can indicate problems at later ages. How do I know when it is a problem? Is there something I can do now to help him?

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I woudl first have his vision checked by a developmental optometrist. www.covd.org is a great place to begin, especially their sugns and symptoms page.


Handwriting without Tears is a great handwriting program that really focuses on teaching handwriting correctly. It was designed by an occupational therapist. You might also consider asking for a fine motor evaluation by an occupational therapist.

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Just curious...is he left handed? My dd (6 in May) does the same things with her handwriting...she is having a heck of a time getting her sequencing down. However, she also has a terrible memory which leads me to believe there are bigger things going on in her eccentric brain. The psychologist suggested waiting until 6 to do any formal testing. So if you don't notice improvement with cirriculum supplements then you may want to have him evaluated.

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The first three things you mentioned can be symptoms of dyslexia, and the last two can be symptoms of auditory processing disorder. Dyslexia and APD often go hand in hand. It's not unusual for 6 yo's to make reversals. But since he has some other signs of dyslexia, it's worth exploring the possibility. My favorite website about dyslexia is http://www.dys-add.com.

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