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Pardon me, anyone here suffer froom bunion?

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Well, my right foot seems to be developing a case of bunions. It came sort of suddenly, hpwever I have notice a "bump" there for a while. Now I feel pain and also the big toe is not as "flexible" as the left. If I am doing pilates or yoga, since I am bare feet, then it hurts a lot.


So, if you suffer from bunion what do you do to alleviate the pain? Is there something natural that I can do to help it? Of course I am not planning on going to a foot doctor as the ones around here recommend only one treatment" surgery!


Thanks for any help. Be well



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My daughter has bunions from dancing en pointe. I have them from wearing stilettos (in my youth.) You're right; they can be really painful. There are cushions you can get to put between your first two toes to straighten the foot and alleviate the pain. I don't know of anything short of an operation that can "cure" bunions, and it is very painful from what I've heard.

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