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More than one way to diagram sentences?

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I am confused. LOL I put a picture on FB of sentence diagramming that ds and I were working on. Lots of comments, but one came from a public school teacher friend and it said: "We diagram sentences but we use a different method." I didn't realize there was a different method. Do any of you know what she is talking about?

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Different texts diagram compound sentences differently. I am not sure about other things though. They do get pretty the more complicated the sentence, don't they?:D


Hmmmm....pretty isn't exactly the word my son used to describe it. LOL

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Then there's just basic labeling, a la Shurley Grammar, and lots of people these days refer to that as "diagramming" a sentence (though it's not, actually).


This. This is what she called diagramming - circling nouns, underlining subjects and predicates, putting triangles and rectangles around adjectives and adverbs. I thought these were "grammar exercises" - not diagramming.

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