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Anyone who lives in or near Carlisle, PA (looking for host family)

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My daughter (almost 15) would like to study dance at CPYB in Carlisle PA this summer. We found the dormitory to be not an affordable option and so we are looking for a host family. Here are the particulars. She will be 15 and is the oldest of 5 children and has always been homeschooled. She would need to be driven to Carlisle in the morning for dance and picked up in the late evening. She would go on Saturday mornings but I would be picking her up on Saturdays and bringing her back on Monday mornings. The program lasts 5 weeks June 25-July 30. So basically she would live with you from Monday evening until Saturday morning every week but would not be there during the day. I'm not sure whether she can purchase food on campus or if she would need to pack lunch. We would love to find another homeschool family!

If you know someone who might be interested in helping her and, of course, making some vacation money in the process, please send me a private message. I was hoping to find someone to do this for somewhere between $800 and $1000. Thanks so much.

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Living in Illinois, I can't help you, but sheesh- I fell over when I saw how much they charge for room and board!


Yes! Over $3000 for room and board. I almost stopped breathing when I read it also! You would think the place was in New York City or something! There is absolutely no way she can go unless we find a host family. She is so hopeful that someone will be willing to host her for the 5 weeks!

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I'm close, but with a newborn expected right in the time she'd be here, it's not something we could do this year. However, I believe students from DD's ballet studio have attended the CPYB summer program before, and it's possible one of them is again this summer, or that one of the other families would be able to host her. I would be happy to put you in touch with our studio's director; shoot me a PM, and I'll give you her contact info.

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