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I need a completely self-taught geography program for my 5th and 7th grade students.

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I'm just not getting around to geography with them and it is such a shame. Especially since my 11yo LOVES it and begs to do it every day. What can I give them that they can work through on their own?

11yo is doing early american history. Not that it matters, they can do any topic, just so they are working through something steadily.



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For your dc doing American History, you may want to look at the second book of the Discovering the World of Geography. It's fairly independent and includes a lot to reinforce history. Dd has used the first and second books, and I plan to use the third next year.


The first book is general geography, including physical and cultural, the second is US geography, the third is Western Hemisphere geography, and the last covers the Eastern Hemisphere. The series is geared for 5th-8th grades and is published by Mark Twain.

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I'm not sure how in-depth you want to go, but I am doing an overview of world geography this year using maps, FACES magazine (our library has back issues) and travel videos (like GlobeTrekker) with my 5th grader. I want to familiarize her with the overall picture, then consider going more in-depth on the continents starting next year. I have her identify the location of a country, watch a video and/or read the magazine on that country, and then fill it in on the map, so it is very independent.


So far the only video I've come across in the GlobeTrekker series that was inappropriate was the one on Great Festivals. Many of them are available from Netflix. She also has liked Rick Steeves and Rudy Maxa.

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