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How to be an optimist for teens ?

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My 14 year old is a pessimist. I've tried helping her indirectly when she was younger and directly as she approached teens. Her father is an optimist and while I"m not bouncing off the walls with joy, I see the glass half full as do most of my kids. Is there a book on how to be an optimist for teens? Seriously, I need help with helping her before this becomes a life long problem. Nothing is every right, you know :glare:

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A good one to use alongside Seligman's is Freeing Your Child From Negative Thinking by Tamar Chansky. Seligman writes like a researcher citing studies and getting into the nitty gritty. Chansky offers easy explanations and how-to advice so that you can dive right in to the excercises. They both work well together, but if you want to get started immediately, the Chansky book is good (I wouldn't skip Seligman, though).

HTH. :)

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Have you read the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck? It might be helpful to you.


"learned optimism" by seligman. but it would work best if you read it and then did the exercises with your dd.


Both of these would be very helpful. She might be interested in reading Mindset herself, it has been a while since I read Learned Optimism so I don't remember about that.

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