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Stupid Patriot Act!

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Our rent money (due today) is floating around in electronic limbo. We'd transferred most of the balance from my BofA acct to DH's HSBC acct so he could write the check and we'd avoid transfer fees we'd incur if we did it the other direction.


We did the same thing last month with no problem.


Apparently, however, something got red-flagged. Because there are different names on the accts, DH wasn't supposed to be able to transfer the money from my acct to his (although the ability to do so was set up on HSBC's website, and it required me to put in all my passwords/electronic authoriziation, routing number and acct number, etc. for secure online banking). This is apparently some kind of Patriot Act violation. So, HSBC is transferring the money back to BofA.


Only problem is, at the moment the money is in NEITHER account and rent is due TODAY.


It's rather aggravating, to say the least. I guess I should call BofA and ask them what the best course of action is...


To top it all off, DH's bank has frozen his ability to make ANY electronic money transfers to ANY account (with his name on it or not) for ANY reason...

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If his name is not on your account then he should not have been able to transfer. I'm not sure what it has to do with the Patriot Act.


I have an account without Dh's name on it, and I would be livid if he was able to transfer out of it. I wouldn't be mad because he had done it, I would be mad because the bank would have violated account protection.


Call the bank and see what they can do to help you.

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