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Dyslexia/ADD and math fact recall

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One of the recommendations for my kids was that they be allowed to use charts and flash cards that show the steps in multi-step problems. Can you just do it and don't tell dh? Don't lie to him, just don't mention it.


I thought my middle child would never learn her math facts. We used Times Tales and that helped quite a bit. I also finally gave her a multiplication table to use during math. Just from seeing and using that table every day, she nailed her multiplication facts after a few months.


Another thing that helped was triangle flash cards that I printed from http://www.donnayoung.org. The factors and answer are on the same side of the card, because visual learners (most dyslexics are visual learners) need to see all 3 parts at the same time.

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My DD has trouble with memorization. She is only just doing addition and subtraction for now. I can drill and drill and give her little solving strategies, but they never really work.


What does work for her (and I have used it my whole life as well) is touch math. I know there is a method for using it with multiplication and division as well, but I never learned it. It helps because you count up for addition, count down for subtraction, and always get the right number even if your memory is failing you.

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