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What name do your kids call you?

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Usually "mom". One dd likes to call me Moma (with a long o sound). I have no idea why. For a few years, I was "dude! mom!" Every single time they called me it was, "Dude... Mom!" I haven't heard that in many, many months... now I kinda miss it!

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Everything, except Julie/Juliana. I've been Mrs. Lionfamily (except they use our last name ;) ), I've been Mum, Mome, Mater, Madre, Mudder, Ma, Mom, Mommy, Mamma, Mumsy (one of my favorites), ma mere, meme, Hey old lady, sister, woman, and a slew of other things. :lol:


Dh rarely uses traditional titles for me. He does love to call my by my full name, but only when he knows it'll grate on my nerves.


Mom, though if they really, really want something it's "Dearest Mother":)

I used to call my mom "Mommy Dearest," but all I wanted was to raise her hackles :lol:

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For some reason, my kids have always called both their father and me by our first names.


My husband and I talk to each other using our first names, not mommy and daddy, and when ds1 was a toddler he phased out of mama and dada and started using our names. When ds2 came along, he joined right in.

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I am Mommy, Mother, Mom, Momma, and Moms depending on who is talking to me or what kind of mood they are in.


Moms is an invention of my 6yo but sometimes the 8yo will copy her. I have no idea where she came up with it.

Momma is the exclusive domain of my 2yo.

Mother belongs almost wholly to my 12yo.


So I am Mom or Mommy to everyone else.

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If either of them really wants to get my attention if we're out and about, they say, "Farrar!" They also usually call me Farrar when they are referring to me to a third party. This amuses others to no end.


But, um, usually I'm just "mama."

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This is what they call me:




But, Mama!


Mommmmeeeeee....I neeeeeed you


Awwww, Mooom, do I hafta?


Hey, Momster, are you home?


Mamita, can you....?


Hola, Madre or Mami



my favorites are Mama & Mommy. But I answer to them all.


Dh is Dad, Daddy & the Dadster.


Amber in SJ

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My steps call me "Mom", my daughter calls me a combination of Mommy, Mama, and Mom, my little one... Mommy or Mama... or MOMMMMMM, My husband is a simple "Dad" although my daughter (his step) says "real dad" for him :) when she's trying to be sweet... "step-dad" when he makes her mad...


I call my mom... mom, mama, and mommy :)

I call my dad... Pops or Daddy or Dad... I started Pops when I was younger... a term of endearment. We didn't do nicknames when I was little... so it was cute when he started signing his cards Daddy aka Pops :)

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This is what my kids do only it goes more like:


mom . . . mom . . .moM . . . mOM . . . MOM . . . MOM! . . . MOM!! . . . MOM!!!



I have a rule that they are not supposed to call to me from another room but I think that they are using sonar to locate me or something. Anyhow, they usually call me mom except for my oldest dd who call me mommy. My gs calls me Mum.

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Our girls call me "Mama" and dh "Papa."


I was sort of picky about this because of my own growing-up years. My mom called both my father and her father "Daddy" when she was talking to me. Now, my dad is a wonderful, godly man. Her father was an abusive jerk. I can't tell you how many times she seemed to be accusing my father of dreadful abuse because she would switch topics really fast in a conversation or compare the two men or something. It used to really give me whiplash as I tried to sort through what she said (while she was still speaking) in order to figure out what exactly she was accusing my dad of doing. So I figured way before we had children that my kids would call my dh something different than what I called my father growing up. That way if they heard me talking about both of them in one conversation, they would have no problem following.


Of course, the situation is different for them because both my father and their father are good, godly men, but the decision has stuck anyhow.


Mama Anna

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I am Mama or Mom. My dh is Pops or Dad. My oldest son calls my dh Captain. I have no idea why, but he has done this for years.


I called my mom "Mother" and did not have a great relationship with her, so my kids know that if they call me Mother they might not get a great response.

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