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8 year old boy written narration - critique please

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Today, I read the first two chapters of The Periodic Table - a True Book. This is what my just turned 8 year old wrote as his narration.



Mendeleev made colums and organised the elements. After that he weighed them and put on the mass numbers. (They were misplaced.) Then a person named Henry Mosely organised the elements by atomic numbers instead. (it worked.)



This is typed as he has it written. We did not edit it.


We don't do any formal writing program. He could have easily have read the book to himself. Our spelling has been done through Spelling Wisdom. I am wodering if I need to add in a writing program or if we just continue to work on narrations if his writing will improve. He is my oldest so I have no idea of where he is at with his writing.


Thanks in advance for you help and opinions. If you would like to see more of his writing please ask. He writes stories in his free time. I also have other narrations that he has written recently.

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I'm not completely familiar with the book, but it seems he included the basic story line of how the periodic table came about. I would probably get less information from my 8 yo dd :). There are a few spelling errors and the grammar is a bit choppy, but if you continue to work on those, it'll get better. I think he did a good job for his age!


You may want to check out Writing With Ease, just the textbook. It explains how narration & dictation can be used to teach writing. SWB's lectures on writing are wonderful, too!

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