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Block Scheduling - One Semester of US History?

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I have a student taking part-time classes at our local high school. The honors science class as well as the French II class that he is taking in the fall may be scheduled to be taught in one-semester blocks.


I have planned to do Oak Meadow U.S History (not AP) at home. For those of you that have used OM, can it be taught in one-semester? I know the syllabus is 36 weeks - but can it be doubled up? I would have to teach it during the second semester. English and geometry are going to be year-long no matter what!


BTW, I am totally against this form of block scheduling. We use an alternating day block schedule this year and I love it. I'm going to be voicing my concerns to the guidance counselor asap, but I need to figure out this worse case scenerio.




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