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I really, really hate this...my youngest outgrew some more clothes

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What a sissy I am!


I have so many non family goals, you know, like competition fighting and plus I am getting long in the tooth and plus we got rid of our SUV and plus we are finally down to our last (blasted) car seat and plus we can do stuff....a house without the sound of a crying baby seems so sad to me.



Yes, I'd give up my burgeoning six pack for another baby.



DH said no but ... (cough) anything can happen.

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It took 4 years to get DH on board for baby 3. It did happen, and sometimes I wonder why I did it. :tongue_smilie:


Home schooling with a toddler is so so so so so so so hard.


I hope your DH changes his mind and you get your baby.


Yes, I know but I don't care (right now) :001_smile:.

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