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Can anyone help me figure out how to call with Skype?

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I did it last night. DH is in Panama and I added $10 to my account and called him.


Today however, it is telling me to "add funds" and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get that stinkin' keypad up so I can dial! I have $7 left in my account so I do NOT need to add funds!


I have now spent 48 minutes clicking and clicking and getting nowhere but running in circles.


My Ooma won't let me call either, so I have NO WAY to contact him. It is already 10:30 so I guess I can't even call tonight.





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Apparently you CANNOT call by going to Skype.com All that does is show you your account. I clicked around there for 48 minutes! Finally figured out that you need to go to your Skype icon downloaded on your computer to make calls.


There was a 38 min. of that 48 min. spent in a screaming swear fest in my room! :glare:


All is good. I still have $6.50 on my account since DH was woken up by me once I was able to get through!


I am also VERY irritated with Ooma since I have $80 in my international account with them but can't seem to get through using that account! ($100 in international calling was a freebie when signing on and I have used $20 of it, so it isn't like I am out $80, but still......)



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