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ClassiQuest Science information

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I am eager to begin ClassiQuest Astronomy/Geoscience as soon as possible. I have a whole plan based around something that doesn't exist yet. :tongue_smilie:


I contacted the author through the website as I was concerned with such a nebulous date as "early 2011" that I might be basing my plan on a completely unrealistic event. This is the reply I received:


"I do not have a firm publication date yet, but am making every effort to have it on Amazon this Spring, and to finish the logic stage sciences by the end of the year."


While not much clearer, I thought I'd post the reply for others who might be interested. :)



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I haven't used CQ Bio yet although I did purchase it and intend to use it. Astronomy/Geoscience is next in our cycle so I'm looking forward to its arrival.


In my opinion, CQ is very similar in format to History Odyssey. Read a section of KF or supplementary books, outline, define terms/people, note key events on one day, experiments on another day.


My daughter likes HO so I knew this format would work for us. RS4K did not. We found it thin and dull especially after R.E.A.L Science which we found more engaging.


The samples and TOC do take some time to load; I would give it another try.



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We love Real Science Odyssey too (and I didn't care for RS4K). Unfortunately, when I've tried to open the files for Classiquest, my computer either freezes up or it says it's done and it's not, no matter how long I wait. Maybe I'll give it another try tomorrow.


Thanks for the information you provided about the program. I do appreciate it!

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