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I've been thinking about math

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I've been thinking about the same thing.


Curricula-wise, Math on the Level is designed for this approach. It has a list of concepts (with a record book to help you keep track), teaching ideas for each, real-life activity suggestions, and resources for making customized review pages. You could easily incorporate any additional resources you had - it is a very flexible approach.


If you wanted more structure in your spine (but no help in finding/including additional resources), I think that Professor B math would work for this. He reduced K-8 math to its essentials and so has just three books to cover it all. The idea is that you have lots more time to explore interesting and more complex applications, do more challenging problems, along with being able to start algebra early if you are so inclined. You'd have a fair bit of flexibility with timing and how long you parked on something, or how fast you flew through other things.


If you want *less* structure in your spine, I've seen Marilyn Burns' About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource suggested as a good potential spine on the Living Math list. I've contemplated using Elementary Mathematics for Teachers and Elementary Geometry for Teachers as spines. I think many elementary math for teachers books would work that way.



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I thought this thread was buried so I cleared my post! :001_huh: Thank you for these ideas. It is just what I was looking for. It kind of makes sense to pull from several different resources, just as it does to go to the library to explore history topics in more detail.

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