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BiblioPlan with TruthQuest

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Has anyone done this? I love TQ and have tried using it on it's own, but as much as I love planning, I find I spend more time planning than implementing. I'm thinking of just following something like BP and adding in the TQ Commentary where it fits. The thing is, I would also probably substitute some of the BP readers for ones in the TQ guides that we already own. I don't THINK it would be that big a deal, and I'd already have the maps and timelines already planned out and ready to go. I could also use the Cool History pages if we use SOTW (haven't decided if we'll use that as our spine or MOH). What do you think? Sound like just as much work, or a more efficient way to go?


FWIW, I'll be doing Ancient history with a 7th, 6th and 2nd grader (well, at least until August).

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