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Structure and Behaviors

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Eliminate? Not really. Lessen the chance of having a major meltdown? Yes.


The behaviors that got the boys in trouble so much during their public school careers very very seldom crop up here. Here I am able to adapt their environment - lighting, noise level, etc - and their routine in ways the public school cannot.


A schedule or routine has been an absolute must around here. I have just read the Maxwell's three books - Managers of Their Homes, Managers of Their Schools and Managers of Their Chores. They helped my very disorganized self to come up with a schedule/routine that works well for us. I've seen a drop in anxiety, reluctance to do school and less beating up on myself (by myself) since starting these.


Another thing, the older mine get the better their tolerance level gets. They aren't as easily frustrated or over stimulated as they age. I really think a lot of it is that they mature later than typical kids do.


Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks so much. I have the Maxwell's books and will start reading today. I do believe that my son's (11 yrs old) behavior will improve once we have a more structural schedule. I tried to not be so structural, but obviously it has not work, on the contrary it has made him more anxious, reluctant to do school work and just plain defiant. In our family structure works best and I need to stick with what works best. Thanks again for your thoughts ad ideas.



Vincent (11), Rebekah (5)

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Whether or not on the spectrum, I feel that most children respond to structure in the day and appreciate some level of predictablity. My son has always liked being able to predict the day ahead. We have used a variety of calendars and posted schedules/routines over the last few years.

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