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What would your language arts program be for k-6 but not PR


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Here's what we're using now:


Grammar: FLL

Writing: WWE

Handwriting: HWT (changing to Getty-Dubay Italics next year for connected italics)

Reading: Child reads from a good book out loud. We narrate a couple times a week. (he's a strong reader)

Spelling/Phonics: AAS


There are lots of good options out there. I've tried a few of them in the last 2 months. :tongue_smilie: We just started FLL today, so can't really give a good long term review. We just switched from R&S English. I think we will like FLL.

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I use these freebie's To round it out I add copywork.LA link http://macmillanmh.com/languagearts/2001/teacher/teachres/workbooks.html

Spelling http://www.zaner-bloser.com/spellingconnections/practice-pages.html


To round out the spelling, I use a pc program, you put in the words. It's here( I bought mine in a bundle with other titles) http://www.amazon.com/TOPICS-Entertainment-80955-Spelling-Accelerator/dp/B001BZOEHI


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I'd start with

ETC & Reading Pathways (I think thats the new name the old was Phonics Pathways)

and don't forget LeapFrog videos - they are the best way to jumpstart blending

Then add HWT

Once reading fluently and beginning chapter books add



Then in 4th I'd switch to CW for grammar and writing


For reading if you wants sets of readers

Bobs first

Then you can use reading sets with a schedule from SL.

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What I like is FLL 1/2 then alternating Michael Clay Thompson's LA materials with Don Killgallon's applied grammar/sentence writing ones. Also, WWE for copywork, dictation, and narration (skills not covered in MCT), HWOT for print penmanship and Peterson Directed for cursive, and AAS for spelling.


Other things I like for the late elementary/early middle school level:



  • The Paragraph Book series from EPS
  • Figuratively Speaking for teaching literary terms


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  • Spelling - All About Spelling
  • Grammar - Growing With Grammar and First Language Lessons
  • Writing - Write Source
  • Handwriting - HWT Cursive (used from Pre-K book)
  • Phonics - Explode the Code (we use as review for phonics/reading, handwriting, spelling...)

We're done with reading, but we used OPG successfully. If I had to do it again, I'd look into All About Reading, it's coming out very soon.


Going into Grade 2 next year, we can drop Handwriting and Phonics. I'll be looking into a more challenging writing program. Maybe start MCT and/or Killgallon... Still researching.

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After much trial and error on my older boys, my youngest will be using:


Phonics Pathways, then reading real books (I like the SL Reading lists and schedules). I'll add in Explode the Code as needed. I like Plaid Phonics for early spelling exposure. When he's ready, I will use Sequential Spelling as our core spelling program, and Saxon Phonics Intervention (teaches rules & coding in 100 lessons) at some point with him.


WWE (1-4) and then Writing with Skill. I'll also probably throw in some Writing Strands, and Sentence Combining by Killgallon.


Rod & Staff English (2-8)


For handwriting, I like A Reason for Handwriting K, then the Evan Moor Daily Handwriting Practice book if more practice is needed for printing. For cursive I like Evan Moor Daily Handwriting Contemporary Cursive.

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So far what's worked for us:


Phonics: Word Mastery (from www.donpotter.net)

Grammar: FLL 1/2 (we started in 2nd grade)


As soon as DD is done with WM, we'll start Webster's Speller (also from Don Potter) for spelling, and once DD is done with FLL 1/2 we'll start Classical Writing: Aesop (probably at the start of 3rd).


We aren't doing formal science or history this year; last year we used How Children Lived as a history spine; this year DD just wasn't interested so we're focusing on geography. For 1st we used Children Like Me as a geography spine; this year we're using Evan-Moor Beginning Geography workbooks.

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Here's our plan:

Phonics/Spelling/Vocab: SWR (going on three years now) through 5th, then VtCR

Writing: WWE 1&2 then likely switching to WT/CW in 3rd

Grammar: FLL1/2 then Shurley for 3rd+

Literature: Sonlight


So far it's great. Writing and grammar could change with SWB's new products but we'll see.

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Rod and Staff!


We do the whole 1st grade reading/phonics combo that covers all of L.A. and have used the handwriting with one dd.


After that:

Rod and Staff Phonics (2nd grade only)

Rod and Staff English

Rod and Staff penmanship

Rod and Staff spelling


We drop the reading program and use reading lists from SOTW and do WTM style narrations.


We do written narrations across the curric for writing, as well as other WTM suggestions like copywork, dictation, and letter writing. Writing is covered in the R&S English as well.


We will continue this all the way through. We may pick up writing with IEW in the logic years (5th grade.) still deciding.

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I am a huge SWB & JW fan :)

FLL series for sure!

I haven't felt the need for WWE (I did buy the text as reference)-just use WTM info.


Spelling Workout has been great for my natural speller, but my boys needed more help. I used different phonics-based programs for my oldest, didn't ever find anything that was too great, and went into the Apples Daily Spelling in middle school which was a huge help for him. My 10 ds is using MegaWords and we love it-wish I would have used it with my oldest.

Handwriting is a personal choice, I believe. One is as good as another:0)

Phonics-we used Abeka, I am going to try OPGTR for my youngest-although the new All About Reading stuff looks soooooo tempting! We'll see-time is at a minimum around here and we need something pretty simple.


Before I go any further, I have to ask, have you listened to SWB's writing lectures? She goes in to all the language arts needs for elementary. They are so wonderful, and really helped me feel more comfortable (and validated) with how we school.


Some other things we like....Junior Analytical Grammar (AG was too much for a 6th grader, IMHO). We use JAG for 5th, but can't wait to see SWB's new stuff for middle grades. WTM all the way for literature. My kids would die if I made them stretch out a good book for weeks and do a bunch of written stuff and activities. Wordly Wise was a huge failure for my boys, but my dd (the one who does Spelling Workout so well) loves it and has done great with it. I do really like the Abeka Read and Think skill sheets. Everyone here uses them until 6th grade. I also added Reading and Reasoning books this year because my kids did not test real well on critical reading skills. We'll soon see if this has helped!


My dd (mentioned above) loves to write, and IEW really helped her. I tried a lot of programs with my oldest, and wish I would have just done it the WTM way. Nothing really helped him, and we wasted a lot of time and tears (and serious bucks). I am sticking to WTM for the youngers.


My main advice? Listen to SWB-she knows her stuff!! :D

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We have used:


Phonics- OPGTR

Grammar- FLL 1/2 (I plan on 3 and 4 as well)

Writing- WWE 1,2, and 3 leading into CW Aesop A in 3rd (and the rest of the CW series to follow. I think.)

Spelling- I have made up my own up until now using the word lists in Classical Phonics but plan to continue with the free Zaner Bloser lists here.

Reading- Bob Books, various generic graded phonics readers, leading into the Frog and Toad/Little Bear/Owl at Home books. This year, my oldest (grade 2) has read the Beatrix Potter series out loud, along with others we chose together. And he reads 20 min. daily to himself from pre-approved books. (Not junk, not classics.:D)


My oldest is only in 2nd, so most of the next grades are only guesses, but these are the things I used with DS and plan to use with DD, who is in K this year.

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