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Lial's Algebra? Length to time??

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How long does your child work in this subject each day? What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to put aside for Algebra or any kind of math study each day? Thanks!

My oldest spends an hour. I don't know what is reasonable for other kids, but that is a lot for my dd. She is 13 and a 7th grader.


With Lial's BCM I have her doing a lesson over two days. I teach it and she does the first half of the problems, then the next day she finishes them. Each day she begins by doing any corrections from previous assignments and that counts towards her hour. I would suspect that the algebra problems would take longer to do, and require being split into 3 days of work, but maybe not. (And yes I have my dd do all the problems. She is dyscalculic and while she gets math very well executing it is another thing and she needs volume of practice.)


There are times certain topics give her trouble and it takes her so long to get through them that she can't get it done in an hour. She did so last week with prime factors. But by the end of the week when we moved into fractions she had caught back up to her schedule. To date she has always been able to catch back up, but I wouldn't let her go longer than a week being behind and I would adjust her schedule. She knows that.



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Thanks Siloam! I just was curious. Right now in Saxon 8/7 w/prealgebra she takes from 1 and a half to 2 hours. She is meticulous and is not one just to rush through. If you dd takes about an hour, I believe it may take my dd quite a bit longer than an hour.


Ya my dd isn't great on the think through it department. She either knows it and can write it out fairly quickly, or she doesn't and she writes "help". She won't sit there and really ponder it. :rolleyes: She is also solid on her math facts, when she remembers them right. ;) She is dyscalculic, so I do have days when she does all the 7x3 problems as 28 sort of thing. Once she did all her square roots as squares. It is never dull around here. :D



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Siloam, do you know if there is answer key to the rest of the problems (not just the odds)?

As I understand it the TM has the even, but I don't know if they are just the answers, like in the back of the book, or fully worked problems, like in the student answer key. If you do some searching on the Pearson webiste you can usually find the older editions. Once you find the book there is a tab that shows everything designed to go with it. Person will list it all as out of stock, but it allows you to find the ISBN numbers so you can find what you need used.


I have been doing all the even problems, just to job my memory. At this level it isn't so bad, but as we move into Algebra there is a lot I can do, but I don't remember why.



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