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Netflix question

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When we are watching netflix instant play movies, sometimes the show stops, and says "retrieving" while it takes several minutes to load. Sometimes it happens so often that you can't enjoy the movie. Sometimes we can watch a whole movie without an interruption. Does anyone know what causes this? I can't even imagine doing an exercise video, and having to stop every few minutes for it to retrieve. Does this happen to y'all, or is it just us. What can we do?



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I was wondering if we bought one of those roku things---you know--- that allow you to watch Netflix instantly without a wii--if we would still have the same problem?

I think you would. We have never had it happen on our computer OR on our Apple TV. We have Verizon FIOS. I'm guessing it's your internet speed.

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Usually we have no problem - when we do, I'll shut down the other computers that may be running.


But we did have an issue just after Christmas and it turned out that the dsl lines were not delivering the right speed. AT&T regional had to fix it - not anything the local people could do. There are websites that you can test your internet download and upload speed, that's how we knew that we weren't getting the speed we were paying for. So you might want to check your internet speed.


(We initially had to increase our service to a higher speed, because we got the problems you mentioned continuously.)

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