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Under tornado watch but just had an EARTHQUAKE in Arkansas

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My family lives in Arkansas and there was some crazy news story my brother forwarded about there being 30 + earthquakes in Arkansas this very month. Crazy!


Then my mom was here for a couple of weeks and flew back this past Thursday and when her plane landed, the passengers were escorted into the airport and into a zone away from windows because of tornadoes!!!


Stay safe!

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It hit in Greenbrier. I haven't heard of any injuries. Not sure it was big enough for that. From what I'm seeing, another one hit right after that. It was a 3.8.


Ah, guess I should go to bed now! :001_huh:

The rain storm hit here, and woke me up, around 3am. I saw the earthquake reports then. Yikes! Faulkner county is getting so many! I used to think I wanted to move to Conway... I would doubt that anyone in TN felt it. It was 6 hrs from TN and I am in between and didn't feel it here.
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