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Oscars' closed captioning/subtitles? WTH?

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I caption (in a way) for a living, although in a school-room realtime setting; so I don't know exactly how closed captioning works. Is it a real person trying to caption? Or is it a computer trying to reproduce what's being said? My guess is the latter.


While I mostly do classroom lectures, I have done student presentations, guest speakers, speeches, etc. as well. And those types of things are the hardest!! In my job, we don't aim for word-for-word (too hard to read on the recipient's end), but "meaning for meaning." But in things like thank you speeches you have both nervous and/or high adrenaline people, plus a ot of the time people are reading from notes (or giving a memorized speech), so you have both very rapid speech combined with something that ought to be transcribed verbatim because they're reading something written out in proper English (most people don't speak in proper English, so there's lots of time to combine sentences, take out repetitions, etc.). Anyway, probably waaaay more than you were interested in reading :tongue_smilie:, but it interests me because of what I do for work.


ETA -- I just found this at e-how:

Live Television

Most broadcasters of live programs use an automatic transcription system to create closed captioning. The audio feed of the live television show is played on a computer, which then uses a speech-to-text program to transcribe it. The audio input is automatically translated into text by the computer, displayed on the screen and then sent out to viewers by the broadcasters. Because of the time it takes the computer to translate the audio, closed captioning on live programs often falls behind by a few seconds.


So it is a computer doing the captioning. They should hire me and Sara!! (Another gal here at WTM who does what I do.) Sara, how about it? Want to team the Oscars next year? I bet we could charge at least double what we're making now. :D

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This wasn't a few typos, misunderstandings or translations. It was as if someone had their hands off the home rows keys by at least one row and a couple of columns. It was complete gobbledy-gook. Did anyone happen to see the news clip of that newscaster who got a migraine while reporting on the Grammys a few weeks ago? It was like someone typing that. :001_huh:

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drunken monkeys whose first language was not English?


Well... this would be a fair description of the hosts this year, so maybe the CC'ing folks (or program) were in on the partying too. :glare:


Seriously, pre-ceremony imbibing for audience members is one thing, but you'd think if you have to host the thing you'd hold out, just for the sake of still being intelligible by the end of the show. :confused: (to be fair- I only watched the last 20 minutes to see if The King's Speech would win, so maybe they were less ditzy and prone to slurring their words earlier in the show?) Sheesh.

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