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INSANELY CUTE video of kitties......

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My friend has an awesome "green" pet supply store in Portland, Oregon called "Green Dog Pet Supplies." This is her blog-- the first video is of kitties doing normal kitty vocalizing. The second video has human text added. (one little bitty swear in the second video, containing three letters and beginning with "a." IMHO, not very offensive in context. But I"m just sayin'.)


Green Dog Blog



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Yes, I emailed. No reply. Colleen sent me rep points, mentioning that she's finally able to log on, but I haven't seen her post lately. I didn't have anyone's email address IRL, so I couldn't get ahold of anyone to see if others were having trouble or if it was just me. I'm sorry this is happening to others-- I feel like people think I"m a troll or an imposter since I can't post with my long-time screen name!


Just for kicks, I tried to log on with my "molly's mom" logon--- same thing--- "server is too busy; try again later" message. Hmmm....wonder what's up?



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LOL! Dub in some words and put it up on YouTube! Or send it to Letterman! :-)


One of our insanely cute kitties is obsessed with the fleece pad that's in the bottom of one of our huge dog crates. He sneaks in when he thinks no one's looking and kneads and sucks on it. When I first noticed the wet spot on the fleece pad, I thought our 2 year old dog was wetting in her crate--- even though our dogs would rather die a thousand deaths than mess in the house. Then I caught Jellicle (the cat) in the act. What a weirdo! :-)

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How funny! "making his biscuits." LOL!

We have one, "Puffin," who only comes to you if you compliment him. You have to say, "Where's my Handsome Boy?!" in order to get him to pay attention to you, then when he gets bored and is about to jump down, if you say, "Oh! You're such a Handsome Boy!" he'll acquiesce, turn around and make more biscuits for a while! They are sO funny!

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