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Searching for an old post re: teaching singing please help

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I remember a post by a mom who was teaching singing to her kids. It was a long detailed post. Now that I need it, I can't find it. It seems to me, that it wasn't on the general board or the K-8 board, but on one of the other boards. I have no memory of who posted it. I've tried searching for it more than once and can't find it. Does this sound familar to anyone? I remember several people said they were going to print it off and keep it. I don't think it was on the old boards, but it might have been a couple of years ago.


I am not musically and thought was great, but knew I couldn't do it. My DH can sing and my DD appears to like to sing. So I've talked my DH into working with her, but he doesn't have any guidance. He just had talent and learned more in a church choir and in PS choir. So I want to give him some ideas and that post would have been perfect (at least in my memory).


Thanks for any clues for on finding this post.



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