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"Why you don't do physics with a curious eight-yr old"-a funny inside

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Why, oh why did I teach dd about reflection and refraction? Earlier dh and I were spending some "private time" in the bathroom. Luckily, we heard the snickers/giggles from outside the door just as we saw a mirror coming face up under the door frame! Yikes! :w00t: (They had absolutely NO idea what was going on, just wondered why we were both in the bathroom, I guess.) She said she got the idea from our Noeo Physics readings! Ack!


ETA: Just read sclisa's post below about "debriefing" and I'm cracking up! I guess I should have used that terminology!

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Our bathroom isn't clean enough. ICK factor!!! I'd be on all four, but it would be to clean the floor!




*covering my ears* AND my eyes, alternately, while running away. LOL


*Positions* was not really the direction I saw this thread going. :eek:

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