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Any experience with these math texts?

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My husband kept most of his textbooks from high school. I pulled them off this morning to see what, if any, I could use.


Does anyone have any experience with


1. Geometry by Moise/Downs ISBN 0-201-05028-5




2. Second Course in Algebra with Trigonometry by Weeks & Adkins

It is the one shown here that is out of print




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The Geometry is very good. I have it and may use it myself. It's an old school "New Math" text, like the Dolciani series that some of us like a lot. I don't know about the other, but I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. If it was put back in print by Bates, it's probably interesting. If you don't use them, keep them handy. You might use them for reference if you get stuck on a topic.

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Algebra and geometry haven't changed, so if you and your student like the way it teaches, it should be fine. You can look at the table of contents and compare that with current algebra texts to see how it compares in topics covered. The only thing that would make it hard for me to use an older text alone is not having a solutions manual. You may want to do a search for a teacher's text. Being these are older, you should be able to find one inexpensively online.

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Moise and Downs is very good.


Both may be difficult to use, because you probably don't have a teacher's manual. If you are comfortable with geometry yourself, you might give it a go.


I can't find any information on the algebra book. Weeks and Adkins also did a geometry book which has some good reviews but is said to be difficult for self-study.

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