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Total Cholesterol less than 100??!! Is this possible? Friend's dh had this result...

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but I have a super hard time believing it is possible.

Is there a medical field person out there who can answer

this puzzling question for me.

"Is is humanly possible to have a TOTAL cholesterol count less than 100?????"

Thanks, fairymommy (who got her own cholesterol checked today)

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Yes, it is possible and could be dangerous. My DH's family has cholesterol and heart issues. DH's grandfather, father, uncle and brother all passed away in their early 30's with "good cholesterol" levels in the single digits (they aren't as sure about his grandfather because that testing wasn't available then).


Through drugs and exercise, DH has raised his good cholesterol to 21.


Make sure he is getting his HDL and LDL number and his ratio. Also make sure they are checking his triglicerides (sp) to make sure they are okay.


BTW, with that family history, DH and his living brother both had heart devices put in. BIL's has gone off twice and saved his life both times.

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Cholesterol is not a disease -- it serves many important functions in the body. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which protects us from infectious disease and aging. It is also a vital component of cell membranes and many hormones.


HDL should be at least 60 to protect against heart disease. If his TOTAL cholesterol is only 100, I doubt his HDL is anywhere near 60. I would be much more worried if I found out my cholesterol was 100 than if I found out it was 400.


I realize that what I'm saying here probably sounds shocking and ridiculous. I was extremely resistant to these ideas the first time I heard them . . . maybe more like the first 50 times. But some life experiences combined with some exposure to good information finally convinced me. And speaking of good information . . .








Editing to add: I meant to post this in reply to the OP. I had not read any of the replies, and I don't know how it ended up attached to Jennifer's post instead. Sorry for the confusion!

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