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DIY book binding?


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Has anyone here tried to bind their own book? I've found so many great PDF books for homeschooling, but it would be nice to have something I can hold in my hands. I just ordered a laser printer but I don't want to order a comb binder after I spent 100 on the printer, LOL. I saw a tutorial where they said you can bind a book with cement glue and some strong clamps. I think I might try it out and see how it goes. Has anyone else tried this?




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I've played at binding books a few different ways. I've bound books with Gorilla Glue and clamps. I've hand sewn books. I've done comb & pro-click bindings.


Binding books with Gorilla Glue works well. You need a jig that will compress the entire length of the spine, not just individual clamps. Actual hands-on time is short, but it takes a while to dry. One advantage of binding with Gorilla Glue is that you can make a cover with a spine.


On the other hand, I no longer bind books this way. For novels, I prefer the Kindle. For workbooks I prefer a flat binding (or unbound).

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