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Help...I melted a plastic bag on my glass stovetop

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Any suggestions on how to get the plastic I melted off of my glass stovetop?


The one at this house is older, but white, so everything shows. We use this funny little handle thing with disposable pads that adhere to the base of the handle thing. The thin pads are damp with the cleaning solution.


They've taken off nearly everything that we've had a problem with. You can find them at most grocery stores. Good luck.

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I had that happen to my stove, though mine is electric, with the swirly metal burner things (technical term, of course). I tried everything to get the plastic off after I accidentally cooked a bag of rice still in the bag, but nothing worked. Finally, I just had to keep using it until the plastic burned itself off.

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So a razor blade thingy won't scratch it...for some reason it seems like it would.


Nope, razor blades don't scratch it at all. In fact, my first glass top stove *came with* a razor blade thingy, which is how I discovered using them on it. :) A little razor blade scraper thingy is *the bomb* for keeping a glass top stove clean. Use it whenever something burns on for magic cleaning. . . follow up with the soft-scrub-like glass top stove cleaner (or Bon Ami) for total cleaning.

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