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Government, Economics, Accounting, Christian Finances

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My plan for my daughter's senior year is give-or-take a semester each of government, economics, Christian finance, and accounting. I'm assuming two each semester but she could do some over the whole year if she wanted. Please tell me your thoughts on what would work best. This is my vague thoughts so far.




Government - Notgrass, mainly because I like what it says it covers and it is only a semester. Other suggestions?




Economics - Notgrass, sounds cheaper and more straight forward than Thinkwell. Am I correct? Anything you would say I really need to add or should do instead?




Christian Finance - Money Matters for Teens by Burkett. I would do the book and workbook. Would this overlap too much with Notgrass? Any other one you would strongly recommend to add to or replace?




Accounting - No real idea. I saw one called Accounting the Easy Way. I want the explanation and a workbook or worksheets for her to work through. I would also make her learn keying the number pad.






In addition we will have a full load of other things: Sonlight's Core 400 literature, Apologia Physics, hopefully college level math through our local school, some writing, and an outside sign language course. Wow, hope we can do it all. But this is why I don't think we can do a full year of Sonlight's govt (we've pretty much done Sonlight all the way through) or Thinkwell economics.
I'm not extremely worried about all of them (like the personal finances) adding up to 1/2 a credit since she will have far more credits than she needs.




Thanks for any thoughts.


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My dd will be a senior next year. I haven't completely decided, but am leaning toward BJU for government, Dave Ramsey Financial Peace, either at church for adults, or the homeschool version, either Economics for Dummies or Teaching Co. for economics. I will only do accounting if we don't do math. I have Alpha Omega Lifepak, it looks good. My son had to ditch it his senior year, because taking physics and precalc. it was too much math.

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