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winter promise- hideaways in history?


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I used it briefly with my then 2nd grader. It was a different program than the one they have now, so take it for what it is worth. It seemed like a mish/mash of abilities. The student notebook looked great, but was too low for my son. Then it scheduled in SOTW, two volumes in one year, which would be a nightmare with a Ker-1st grader in my opinion. I've fallen in love with two programs from WP and have always be disappointed with their programs. The hideaways ideas were cute, but MUCH too much for me to put together each week. Way to much teacher prep, imho. When I just gave the the ideas and let the kids come up with their own hideaways it was fun, but I didn't need the program for that. Just my 2 cents!

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I started doing Hideaways on a half pace schedule this year alongside HOD's Preparing Hearts for His Glory, but we got distracted and it has fallen by the wayside.


Kaeryn Brooks wrote a new spine for it, called "Let's Hideaway in History". It is a VERY THICK spiral bound book, with a page and a half to two pages (8.5x11) of text to be read four days a week. Then an Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History is also scheduled. Our favorite part of the program (besides the AWESOME hideaways) are the picture book set (Cleopatra's Coin, Marco Polo's Purse, etc.) The Make Your Own History Notebook is also a lot of fun, with the photos of each hideaway you make.


The new spine has a cute angle, as it features talking insects (a centipede, cricket and spider) who time travel. There are also pics and narration/comprehension questions included. I found it AWFULLY detailed for my first grader.


We do like the CLP science book and the Hands On Bible resource, and we're doing the Mastering First Grade Skills book.


I would say, if you are teaching the program to an oldest or only child, and if the child has an advanced listening ability, you could really enjoy this program. Otherwise you are probably going to have a tough time getting the Hideaways done and you may find the readings a bit dry and advanced (and just a bit MUCH overall, with three books, possibly four to read each day). I did NOT like the "You Wouldn't Want To..." series you can get from the library (scheduled as optional). They were just too yucky for my taste.


WP does give options for adapting the Hideaways to be easier to construct. I recommend doing that, because adapted hideaways have been every bit as fun for my children.

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Hi Sorry to be nosey- i am also thinking of using 'hideaways' with my 3 middle children next year. They will be 9,9 & 6. Looking at samples i thought it looked WAY too advanced for 1st grade but would be fun for my kiddos. i guess i just want someone to tell me that i'm not taking the easy way out and it WOULD really be appropriate for them. I was also thinking of 'animals', but i think that might get teedious after a while. Thanks for any opinions!!! Dawn

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Thanks for the input. I'm thinking of doing it with a young K'er....but one who REALLY likes to be read to. I think I want to do TOG in 1st, but want something to bridge the gap between now and then. He is my oldest....but I want something that can be repeated with younger kids.

Donovan7- I was also looking at the animal one, but I thought the DK Encyclopedia looked too advanced for us. It really did seem like a mishmash of abilities. They have them practicing the alphabet, but then that encyclopedia seems to me to be more appropriate for 4th grade and up....I know it's a read aloud, but it seems like too much text.

Any more opinions would be appreciated!

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