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yoga for beginners?

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My yoga teacher recommended a couple of things. But she really stressed that going to a good class for a while is important for learning the positions so that you don't hurt yourself. Listen to your body. If it hurts, pull back from what you are doing. She couldn't emphasize that enough!


Okay, some recommendations:


Believe it or not, the book Yoga for Dummies is decent for explaining the positions and such. My teacher told me this one is good to get.


Also, the Gaiam series is typically well-done.



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I agree with Melissa, if you can, try to take a beginner's class with a reputable teacher. If not at least get a yoga bk or dvd that stresses the correct positioning of the body, to lessen the risk of injury. These are two of my favorite resources. The first is a great all around bk with detailed instructions from one of the best yoga teachers in the world. The second is a dvd of another wonder teacher who also uses Iyengar's methods. Don't let the positions scare you. With slow and steady practice you will be able to do most all as long as you don't have pre-existing conditions. There are a bunch more, but this is at least a start.






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