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Foreign Language for new homeschoolers


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This is our first year to homeschool. I chose to not do Foreign language since I knew there would already be so much adjustment. However, I think I want to include it for next year. My boys will be 6th, 3rd and K. I know some German, but feel Spanish is probably a better choice for the them to learn. Is this what most people do? Is there a good reason to choose something else?


I've looked at La Clase Divertida and I think it would be great for my littles and fine for my oldest too. I like that it is a video and there won't be much prep work for me. (I'm already worried about having to teach 3 kiddos next year, as I've had the youngest at preschool since it was our first year.)


I'm also considering starting a Latin word study, maybe where we do 1 root word per week???


Any and all advice on these thoughts and curriculums is much appreciated! I'm already worried about fitting everything in.... I would like for us to be finished with schoolwork by lunch or 1 each day to allow time for the boys to pursue other interests (my oldest collect stamps and does wood carving, middle likes to draw and do art) and just general play/outside time. this is also important as I do some work from home in the afternoons, which I can't give up right now financially.

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I'm curious too. I will not be starting foreign language quite yet but I still wonder if I should start with Spanish... only b/c it seems like the obvious choice/most useful in this country. On the flip side, I studied Italian in college and that is what I am more familiar with. I'd rather teach Italian b/c it would be easier for me....


I'd love to hear some advice from others who have experience with this.... I took two years of Spanish in high school... I might remember a tiny bit of it... and I see how it could be very useful but I have not been in a situation that I have actually needed it.

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