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Saxon to Lial's

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I am not happy with Saxon Algebra 1for my co-op class. After this year I am dropping it and will teach a full on geometry course next year. If I then do the second Lial's course for Algebra 2, will my students be adequately prepared having done the Saxon Algebra 1?

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Lial teaches word problems using a different method--that is introduced in Algebra 1-- but the Algebra 2 (Intermediate) text will show all of the steps used... You can show both methods and let the students decide the one that works best for them...


Other than that it should be fine-- and MUCH easier to teach!


I assign the odds (sometimes I skip the first set) and I do not assign the 'Relating Concepts' sections (students would need access to even answers as those problems build on each other so doing the odds only in that section does not work... no big deal-- nothing missed.


I teach 2 lessons per week since each lesson was designed for 2 days of work. For Algebra 2 I allow 2 days for the chapter reviews (I assign all of the problems up to the 'Mixed Review' section (this is optional)).


I like the paperback series best-- it has practice problems out to the side by the examples. The font size is also more comfortable. I use the 8th edition.

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