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I ended up making my own, since most timelines that go on the wall were vertical rather than horizontal. I took poster board and cut it into strips and put it all around our wall by the ceiling. I wanted to put it lower, but we didn't have the space. If you have a long hallway, that would work.


The reason I wanted horizontal is that we are very visual, and it helped to be able to see the events or people in relation to how far ahead or back in time they were to each other. For 5000BC to 1000BC, I had one strip of posterboard for each 1000 years. After that, I had to make each strip of posterboard (the length of standard poster board size) only 100 years each.


What I REALLY want is: http://www.addacentury.com/


This lets you put it vertically on the wall, or put it in a book- you can add or take out pages as you see fit (if you make a mistake or want to add more information), and there is a way to add things onto the same page even if the page is already full. But we can't afford it right now, so it's on my wishlist.


We use the timeline figures for: Homeschool in the Woods "History Through the Ages": http://www.homeschoolinthewoods.com/HTTA/timeline.htm but it's easy to find your own figures or make them if you want to.


I hope you find what you're looking for. It took me a while to find a timeline I was happy with- and I still don't have it yet. I am fairly happy with the one I made, though.


Also, we laminated ours and also our figures (after we color them) and stick them on with sticky tack so they are easily moved around. I've considered laminating it again with the figures when we are done with a time period, but I like the idea of being able to move one over to add something later if we come across it.


We also have the Sonlight book of time- we've always used that PLUS the one on our wall, but if we get the add-a-century one, I'll probably just use the one since it will serve both purposes.

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