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RightStart level?


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I am thinking about Rightstart Math for DD next year, and I took the quick placement test the website offers and it recommended level B. But she is only in K now. She can figure out 4+2 through finger counting, but really isn't doing any math yet. Should I play it safe and get A? How basic is A??





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I was in the same boat last summer when trying to decide. My dd is in K this year and the placement test said to use B. If I remember right, that was more based on her reading ability and other things I didn't really want to use as criteria for determining math level. I had also read that some people had a harder time with RS if they started in B instead of A, so I decided to just try A. It has been a good fit for us and not too basic in my opinion. She (we) had never used an abacus before or the whole/parts approach to math, so it has helped us find our groove in that way. She loves the games, too.



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Righstart A has 77 lessons and you can skip 20 lessons in B (out of 107) if you finish RS A. That would leave you with about 87 lessons for Level B. My recommendation would be to either


1. Start with RS A NOW if you have the time and plan to use RS with your younger child. You'll only have 87 lessons to do next year. Some of these lessons are several days long and one is for a whole week, it will still spread out nicely.


2. Start RS B and just do small chunks and slowly build up. Sometimes we still don't get a whole lesson done each day. :001_smile:

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