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Which teachers manuals are the BEST at teaching


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Saxon told me what to say verbatim in the K-2 math manuals.


WWE workbooks tell you exactly what to say.


R&S English is very thorough imho.


R&S Phonics has been very easy & tells me exactly what to teach.


Calvert tells you exactly what to do in every subject.



Anyway. I'm sure there are a ton - but these come to mind immediately.




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...for teaching the teacher, not scripting (which I think is very different)...


So far I like WWE textbook and Miquon 3 teacher's books. With those two resources, I feel like I have learned how to teach the subject (at those levels) and could go without workbooks or scripting or other hand-holding and just teach.



I am :bigear:! Great thread topic!

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Five in a Row has taught me the most.


In Before FIAR, I learned how to encourage my children to explore illustrations and words beyond the things that are obvious at first glance. I learned to teach gently and to be my child's biggest cheerleader.


In FIAR I learned how to create my own unit studies and shape them around my children's passions.


In the FIAR Digital Nature Studies I learned how to be intentional about nature without turning outdoor time into another task to be done.

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I love the FIAR series! They taught me about how to teach literature and discuss it, enabling the children to notice things on their own, not simply be spoon-fed a bunch of info about the book.


Some others:

FLL-3 & 4 - taught me how to present and reinforce grammar concepts

Singapore Math Teacher's Guides for PM - taught me hands-on activities that reinforce math concepts


This isn't a teacher's manual, but Adam Andrews' Teaching the Classics was very helpful in teaching me how to teach literature.

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