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transcript for 7th and 8th grade?

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Ok, for entrance into CC, they need a notorized copy of a transcript for the last couple of years work. I haven't really kept exact grades for my 8th grader.. I have done better about keeping his stuff up to date in homeschool tracker this year, but 7th grade is pretty sparse. I mean, he mad B's and C's in my opinion, though in ps he would probably have gotten A's. He is lazy, though, and only does his best if he enjoys his subject.


My 10th grader has a great one, but I can't find a good looking one for junior high. Anyone have a template that would work?



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I live in Texas. There is a family here who has several children and she basically uses CC as their high school/college. Their daughter who is my sons age ( 10th )is taking 3 classes each semester and she started when she was in 9th grade, her other daughter did so this year as a 9th grader. We have to write a letter to the college board stating why we think it is appropriate for them to take the classes. That said, there is a huge budget crunch right now in Texas and they are cutting funds for CC's. So we'll see what happens. The girl that is my son's age will finish high school early and transfer to a "regular" college. They never take the SAT or ACT. I think she will have over 30 hours just at the end of this year.



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Do you need to award grades? Sometimes just a course list will do.


My oldest son's public school put grades 7-8 on 1/4 of the back of his high school transcript. Basically that 1/4 page looks like this:


Name of school in large print

school address, phone, etc in medium print



One Junior High Credit is one hour for one year. See other side for mark values.


Then two columns, one for Grade 7 and one for grade 8.

Each column has 3 mini columns:

Left starts with the name, under that the course list, under that the %/rank

Center has grades only (A, A-, etc)

Right has year (across from name), under that each credit value (across from courses, 1.00 or .50), under that the total CR and GPA (across from % and rank)


HTH, I had it handy here.


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I just made a transcript for my daughter for 7th/8th grade for applications for high school.


I used a sample transcript I found (I think) on HSLDA as my cover (official homeschool transcript, courses listed, grades)


Then I had a separate page for each course for each grade. I listed the books used and included a description of the course.


I also had additional pages for extracurricular activities and for books read for each grade.


It took me forever to put together but it was worth it in the end.

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I had a mixed 7th/8th grade transcript for my oldest ds. When he went to University in Mexico they insisted on receiving his OFFICIAL 7th and 8th grade transcripts, NOT a combined one. So I separated it into two, and added in the word Official. It was true, it was his official transcript from our homeschool, I'd just never had to use that before (oldest ds went to a Christian school for his Jr. and Sr. years).


I used a transcript template that a friend gave to me that's very simple, but it has worked fine. I don't know how to share it exactly, but I can have my dh help me if you're interested.

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